Endodontics is the medical science, in the field of dentistry, that deals with the internal tissues of teeth, their pathology and their treatment. When these tissues or the ones that surround the root become diseased or are damaged by caries or trauma, an endodontic treatment allows one to save the tooth.” (American Association of Endodontists http://www.aae.org)
An endodontist is the person who performs devitalizations, in other words he deterges the root canals of pulp residues, he disinfects them of bacteria and prepares them for obturation. In practice, the teeth that will need this kind of therapy are the ones that “kept one awake all night”, that is, teeth that present with “pulpitis” or the ones that have an abscess or fistulas, or that radiographically present with a cyst or a granuloma.
An endodontist is always in touch with colleagues such as periodontologists and implantologists and together they discuss the treatment plans, so as to offer the best therapy and the most appropriate treatment to patients.
That’s why Dr. Castellucci’s practice deals mainly, but not only, in Endodontics. Other collaborating doctors are Dr.ssa Biancamaria Castellucci, who practices Orthodontics, Dr. Matteo Papaleoni, who practices Prosthodontics, Implantology and Conservative Dentistry and Dr.ssa Jana Mervelt who practices Hygiene and Preventive Care. Patients attending his practice can count therefore, on a multidisciplinary team that is able to completely treat dental pathology under every specialized aspect.
In recent years there has been a complete revolution in the Endodontic field, where teeth that in the past used to be extracted or treated with surgical methods, today can be easily treated with conservative therapy. Among the various innovations ,the operatory microscope, so skilfully used by Dr. Castellucci and his staff, deserves the prime position. With this instrument it’s possible to perform endodontic treatments with degrees of precision that are just unthinkable for the naked eye. Twenty years ago Dr. Castellucci was one of the very first in Florence, if not in the whole of Italy, to install an operatory microscope in his practice. In this way endodontic treatments become extremely precise and the risk of post -operatory complications are practically non-existent.
Below you’ll find a description of the main types of Endodontic Treatments that are performed in the practice according to the patient’s needs.