The staff in Dr. Arnaldo Castellucci’s Practice is made up of a team of Dentists, each with their own speciality, that work together to provide patient health care. Dr.ssa Castellucci, Dr. Papaleoni, Dr.ssa Mervelt, the assistants and the administrative secretaries, coordinated by Dr. Castellucci, offer a complete and professional service that is aimed at treating each patient’s individual needs, with particular attention to all the endodontic, orthodontic and periodontal aspects of the treatment without ever forgetting, however, that the basis of dental health starts with scrupulous dental hygiene.

All staff members are active participants during the endodontic educational courses held by Dr. Castellucci. All staff members work together during the courses, imparting the experience they’ve accumulated over time, completing the educational course from a medical point of view as well as the relationship with the patient.